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Features of SuperReceptionist

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    Through a pop-up, get the history and profile of the person calling you.
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    Leads passed on to you by JustDial get updated in your contact list.
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    All text messages sent to your SuperReceptionist number are stored in one place.
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    Integrate the Click-to-Call button in your email and ad campaigns to measure ROI separately.

Mintime Infotech

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A Toll Free Number from Mintime is not just a sign of being customer-focussed; it also means greater dependability and better service for your organisation.

For organisations to thrive in a competitive business environment, it is essential that they place customers at the heart of their corporate strategy. Listening and responding to customer needs can be a window to new business opportunities and methods of improvement.We use toll free numbers to generate new leads, serve customers and receive feedback.
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    Super Receptionist

    SuperReceptionist (SR) is a cloud based business phone system that allows you to record, route, forward and track every call that your company makes or receives.
    We integrate it with almost all applications to intelligently handle inbound and outbound calls
    With SuperReceptionist, we have been able to efficiently transfer calls to the right agent so that basic but important queries are efficiently handled.....

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"To provide affordable web design and development services for different devices is our aim, that fully meet your requirements."

What our client say?
"Excellent Service and technical support.I suggest everyone to get in touch once to have services like this".
"Mintime services are helpful hand to furnish us with better software services".
"The best experience i got from here. Keep doing good work.!"
"Technical support is great. rapid action on complains. Best Of luck".

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    "Having a toll free number for customer support as well as other enquiries for a business or organisation....."

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