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  • Personalize sales and customer support
    Personalize sales and customer support
  • Integrate with any CRM or ERP
    Integrate with any CRM or ERP
  •  Access thousands of virtual numbers
    Access thousands of virtual numbers

Mintime Infotech

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SmartIVR is an enterprise-grade cloud communications platform that powers some of the best-known brands in emerging markets. From cloud-based call centers that process millions of calls an hour to lead management systems that integrate in real-time with CRM to community mobilization systems that reach hundreds of millions, SmartIVR has done it all. What’s more, all the complexity of running these massive systems is completely abstracted . All you have to do is just provide your requirements. SmartIVR provides the technology to execute complex IVR actions through a virtual number. The IVR created is executed during calls. Customers can instruct the IVR to perform a host of actions including digit capture, voice capture, sound play, call transfer and many more. With its auto-scaling feature, planning becomes effortless during peak load hours.

  • Customise Any Call Flow

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    SmartIVR is ideal for any company that needs one- or two-way communication with its stakeholders to ensure completion or efficiency of any business process. These could be logistics, BPO and healthcare organisations.

  • Sales & Customer Support

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    With zero capital investment, scalability and a pay-per-use model, SmartIVR can boost your company’s sales, marketing and customer care. Its cloud-based platform can be meet your voice-based communication requirements.

  • Run 24/7/365

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    SmartIVR resides in and operates from the world’s most reliable cloud computing platform, with inbuilt mechanisms for fail-over, redundancy and backup. You might take a vacation, but SmartIVR never will.


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    "Having a toll free number for customer support as well as other enquiries for a business or organisation....."

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